An AI-based platform helping Cybersecurity professionals to detect, predict and manage stress. Tailored for both Cyber Teams and individual Cyber Professionals

Stress Reducing Interventions


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CyberMIND -
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We are the leading AI driven application and management dashboard helping Cyber Professionals to detect, predict and manage stress Stress free work life balance LEARN MORE
DETECT, PREDICT AND MANAGE STRESS Showing Cyber professionals and Cyber teams how to reduce and manage your stress levels. Improving your resilience and wellbeing helping you manage cyber crime from a position of strength. Helping Cyber Professionals LEARN MORE DUTY OF CARE CyberMIND will generate evidence-based reports to show your company is “acting upon” your stress risk assessments and you are “mitigating the risk” for your insurer. Using the data to drive your compliance. Helping Organisations with their
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You learn to recognize your stressors and what helps you relax

You feel and perform better at work, home and with friends

The measurement helps you to prevent burnout

Habit Change

Our innovative application will help you set goals and achieve them

Quick Support

We will help you quickly reduce the feelings of stress to improve performance

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Tailored for both Cyber Teams and
individual Cyber Professionals

Detect your Stress levels
We use smart AI algorithms to measure your and your cyber team's stress levels using heart rate variability measurements.
Predict Your Stress levels
Our novel algorithm allows you to predict stress levels for upcoming week based on stress levels and cyber threat intelligence.
Manage Your Stress Level
We use AI to analyse your data to drive the right interventions to your phone, watch or workspace in real time.
Manage Team Stress
We work with teams to measure their stress levels and create anonymised reports to improve team performance.
Suffering from mental health issues

Due to an increase in the number of sophisticated attacks, shortage of skilled staff and overwhelming workloads nearly half of our cyber professionals  are suffering from mental health issues.

So, how secure are we really?

Staff turnover due to stress

As 40% of your team will leave by the end of the year due to stress – stress is costing your organisation nearly £16000 per year, for a small cyber team of 10. Also don’t forget you have a Duty of Care to assess stress.

So, are you looking after your cyber team?

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We focus on the
human side of stress

Heart Rate Variability

Our solution uses Heart Rate Variability measurements to detect stress levels in individuals

Dashboard reports

Web dashboards to view detailed reports of stress levels, employee engagement and performance.

Mobile Application

A mobile application for Android OS based smart phones that lets you detect stress using inbuilt hear rate sensors.


Trust our top minds to eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech, and consolidate app portfolios.

Smart Watch Application

An application for Android OS based smart watches that lets you detect stress using inbuilt hear rate sensors

Dedicated Team

A passionate and dedicated team that are always looking at ways to improve our products and services.

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Let's keep our cyber professionals stress free

Our Interventions

Introducing our Stress Reducing Interventions

Here we show you our range of interventions including sample audios and the science behind the solutions.

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Emilia Clarke
Focus Group 1
Senior Cyber Manager
“It was great to contribute to this valuable project. We very much look forward to seeing the concept evolve”
Emilia Clarke
Focus Group 2
“Great to be involved and we look forward to supporting CyberMIND in the future”