An AI-based platform helping Cybersecurity professionals to detect, predict and manage stress. Tailored for both Cyber Teams and individual Cyber Professionals

Stress Reducing Interventions


University Of Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, WV10 9RU


How It Works

Looking at images of nature is an effective way to reduce stress*. A factor in this “nature-healing” effect is the perceived attractiveness of nature or the environment that you are presented with. ** Given our increasingly busy lives and the changes in working and living lifestyles, in 2020, has meant that access to nature is sometimes not convenient or possible. The inclusion of nature-themed picturescapes allows individuals to access nature without the associated stresses of physically visiting locations and provides instant access to help you.

 *Beukeboom, C. J., Langeveld, D., & Tanja-Dijkstra, K. (2012). Stress-reducing effects of real and artificial nature in a hospital waiting room. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 18(4), 329-333.

**Van den Berg, A. E., Koole, S. L., & van der Wulp, N. Y. (2003). Environmental preference and restoration:(How) are they related?. Journal of environmental psychology, 23(2), 135-146.

January 2021