An AI-based platform helping Cybersecurity professionals to detect, predict and manage stress. Tailored for both Cyber Teams and individual Cyber Professionals

Stress Reducing Interventions


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Stress is a Growing Problem
even in the cyber sector

Cyber professionals, like front line soldiers in a warzone, protect our organisations and critical infrastructure. But due to an increase in the number of sophisticated attacks, shortage of skilled staff and overwhelming workloads nearly 50% of them are suffering from mental health issues. 

Recent Nominet 2020 Stress report and CREST Report on Combatting Stress and Burnout in Cyber Security 2020 show the following results: 

Working beyond contracted hours 95%
Suffering from Mental Health Issues 48%
stress affecting personal relationship 40%
using medication or alcohol to cope 23%

CISOs experience tremendous stress


CISOs admit stress level affects their ability to to their job


Monitor and Manage your own stress levels


For Cyber Professionals

For Cyber Professionals

Monitor and predict cyber teams mental health and wellbeing


For Cyber Teams

For Cyber Teams
// what we offer

An Innovative platform
that lets you take control

An AI based platform that can detect stress levels, predict stress levels for next week based on cyber threat intelligence and also help automatically schedule smart interventions in your buys calendars. 

We can help you to :

  • Monitor and predict your or your cyber teams mental health and wellbeing
  • Improve your cyber teams performance, workload planning and productivity 
  • Reduce absenteeism, insurance premiums and staff turnover
// technology behind CyberMind

The CyberMind Solution

Machine learning algorithm to detect stress based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - Lab results have shown 98% accuracy.

Machine learning algorithm that combines HRV and Cyber Threat Intelligence to predict stress for cyber professionals. Lab results have shown 90% accuracy.

A Genetic Algorithm based scheduling algorithm.  This takes your weekly calendar and, based on your preferences and meetings stress levels, automatically suggests when you can take short breaks for stress reducing intervention. It populates your calendar with these breaks.

Easy to use application for your Android based smart phones and your android based smart watches. 

The CyberMIND smart phone app can be used to measure Heart rate variability by touching your finger on the heart rate sensor. The mobile app will remind you at pre-set intervals to take your HRV readings and show your stress levels. Based on your preferences it will show you recommended interventions such as breathing or listening to audio recordings.

The CyberMIND smart watch app also works in the same way and can be used to measure Heart rate variability using its heart rate sensor. The app will automatically take HRV measurements at pre-set intervals and show your stress levels. Based on your preferences it will also show you recommended interventions.

Organisational web dashboard for monitoring your cyber teams stress levels and carrying out stress based smart workload management. 

This is will help organisations monitor stress levels of cyber professionals, their workloads and visualise team performance and workload allocations. They will be able to see the stress levels of each project team and the different departments as well.

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Benefits of CyberMind

Real time stress detection using HRV

CTI based stress prediction

Automatic intervention scheduling in calendar

Reduce number of staff attrition

Stress based workload planning

Fully automated report generation

Reduce insurance premiums

HSE Duty of Care compliance

Reduce loss due to sick days